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Candidates Management

Clearly defined time tested processes and well-experienced staff are entrusted with the key responsibility of candidate management. At atharvana, a commitment to making value additions to candidate by means of Personality development training, career development seminars, behavioral workshops and a selfless investment in time and effort, has resulted in not only building an unmatched, growing database, but also enabled us to become the face and contact point for candidate traffic always on behalf of our clients. Processes involve Sourcing, Profiling, Training and Interest management

Pre - Selection Orientation

Representing our client's business interests and requirements in a lucid manner is the key to not only saving his valuable time, but also it ensures accuracy of the suitability by assessing candidates' interest and ability to deliver on the job. Further, we see this as a tool to promote our client and market his opportunities and HR practices. Attractively designed material and patiently executed presentations become an integral part of this process.

Pre - Selection Assessment 

Scientifically designed and clinically executed aptitude and skill assessment processes are tailor - made to suit the needs of individual client. Our library is constantly evolving to maintain the integrity and relevance of the assessment tools.

Personality & Technical Interview 

At atharvana, investing time in understanding a candidate's career goals and assessing their abilities is a stringently adhered process. Trained consultants engage in in-depth interviews to ensure integrity, clarity and ability of each and every candidate prior to short listing. Techniques such as exhaustive question banks, shadow assessments are commonly used to ensure uniformity and elimination of subjective bias. This process greatly reduces time - lines in making final selections.

Documentation & Interview Scheduling 

Generic templates for data-collection from candidates and short listed incumbents are systematically collated and customized as per the requirement of our client and presented in physical or electronic format, as desired. Coordinating between candidate and client to ensure mutually convenient meeting is also among the responsibilities welcomed here.


Viewed as a business critical process at atharvana, we believe in providing our clients with assurance systems on the credibility of short listed and referred candidate through a due diligence exercise that is automatically conducted, irrespective of a client's instruction on every candidate. This is a customizable process that provide for adherence to quality systems and other best practices.

Record & Retrieval

A unique knowledge management system is used to track and capture each and every interaction and transaction during recruitment support. This is done in order to allow clients the freedom to audit and retrieve historical data to ensure the integrity of our practice and service standards. It also allows for reporting on the quality and statistical analysis of the recruitment agenda of our client.

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