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Atharvana works in partnership with your IT department and aims to provide end-to-end strategic business solutions.

Shared Services

We share our services in all our applications like Payroll & Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). We even provide our shared services for our other products Customer Resource Management (CRM). We provide professional and secure services as all data and other important enterprise information is stored in our server when any enterprise utilizes our shared services. Trust becomes the yardstick and we realize it and deliver.

We identify activities within a given function and determine which are strategic, which require decision support and which are transactional. The key is to identify all activities and processes that can achieve economies of scale and that can be managed remotely without risking the quality of services. Through our shared services your internal collaboration and teamwork will improve and this in turn improves your organization’s overall output. Through our effective governance we can create a platform wherein both our customers and our executives can concentrate on the respective processes on hand for the overall benefit of the relationship.

As we understand and manage technology expenses our shared services provide additional benefits to SMEs. We take into consideration the various limitations of each enterprise and extend our services for their optimal business operations.

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